First things first. I am NOT sponsored by any of the brands I will mention in this or the next supplement post.

As you can see from the picture, my go to brand is myprotein, and there is a very simple reason for that. It’s on the cheaper side of the price scale and they offer so many different flavours, stevia, etc.
Additionally they mix also very well with water instead of milk, in case you prefer the low-cal version of shakes like I do.

Generally, the protein content is around 80 %, and sugar rarely more than 4 %. All depending on the type of flavour, of course.

The big bag is 2.5 kg of whey, summer fruit flavour.

Next to it is unflavoured whey which I use for baking only.

Then there is strawberry flavoured casein. Casein is important if you want to help your muscles recovering. I often drink a shake on workout days before bed. Unfortunately there are only very few flavours for their casein, cos otherwise I certainly wouldn’t have picked strawberry.

The can in front is from a different brand, Champ. The only reason I have this, is because that’s what you can buy in supermarkets here. It’s chocolate flavoured and I only use it for cooking/baking as well.

I only drink (whey) protein shakes on workout days and then directly afterwards, so that my muscels can directly grab onto it. And as I’ve already mentioned, sometimes a casein shake before bed, if I already feel my muscles getting sore.

Very important: you do not need protein shakes, but they help you to get all the protein you need if you’re not able to include enough into your day to day diet.