Two things first:

(1) still not sponsored
(2) I use only the vitamins on a semi-regular basis

With that said, let’s get started.

  • Glucomannan. I bought it as part of a metabolic therapy (if you don’t know what it is, don’t even look it up, don’t ever try it, it’s bullshit and nervewrecking.. maybe I will make a post about it someday), and it’s supposed to suppress your hunger. What can I say, it’s actually working. You still get hungry of course, but it takes a lot longer than usual. I haven’t used it since I tried out this therapy fad, but if you wanna lose weight, this might be worth a try.
  • Omega-3/fish oil. Only bought it for the metabolic therapy. The benefits of omega-3 are widely known and discussed, so it probably won’t do any harm to take these pills every once and a while if you don’t like eating fish. I’m not taking them anymore, but my cats get one or two per week cos it’s good for their skin and fur 😀
  • BCAA – Branch chain amino acids. The body is not ably to synthesise these amino acids (AA) by itself, so you need to get them via your food (or supplements in this case). They are said to have the following positive effects: they facilitate protein synthesis, support fat reduction, stop muscle reduction when in calory deficit, among others. I sometimes take two pills before workout if I’m already hungry before even leaving the house, or if I’m on a trip and can’t work out. But I can’t say that I’ve noticed a difference when taking them.
  • alpha-liponic acid. The metabolic therapy again, good lord. It’s supposed to help regulate blood sugar levels. I don’t take them anymore, but now that I think of it, I maybe should give them a try again..
  • vitamins. A classic, but also bought for… nevermind. I take some now and again, cos when I had a full body evalution done results were saying that I had some problems with my micros. And of course I love to believe that I’m healther raking them. People have been arguing forever if these pills are really necessary, so make up your own mind.

What I’m basically saying is… don’t waste your money on supplements, I certainly won’t buy all this stuff again once it’s empty. If you eat healthy and make sure you get all your proteins and vitamins, you’re good to go.
But in the end it’s your decision of course, and if stuff like this makes your feel better, then go for it. I’m not judging 😉